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7/12/2018: Check out Niclas Frisk’s Instagram!
Niclas Frisk's Instagram @friskarraldo- also check #atomicswing too!

10/5/2018: Niclas Frisk’s Atomic Wings!
Niclas Frisk will play Atomic Swing tunes in Karlstad, 7th July 2018,
as "Niclas Frisk's Atomic Wings"!!!

- Niclas Frisk återupplivar sitt kultband (GAFFA.se)
- Niclas Frisk återupplivar Atomic Swing (nwt.se)
- Nöjesfabriken Instagram

Kolla in!!!
Jag hoppas att det kommer bli en underbar scen från Tokyo långt därifrån.

"Vet ej men 2018 inser jag att energin i grundämnet Atomic verkar lysa i mörkret fortfarande trots att bandmedlemmar/labbmedarbetare har spridits för vinden under årens lopp. "
- yes, the golden soil is still there, Niclas.

26/4/2018: 19 years!!!
19 years since this fan site opened. Thanks to all!!
Atomic Swing is the best band for me as ever.

26/4/2016: 17 years!!
17 years since this fan site opened. Thanks to all!!

19/4/2016: Vinyl Release, Debaser Medis 16th Apr, 2016
Vinyl released on 16th Apr 2016, A Car Crash in the Blue / Bossanova Swap Meet!!
There was the release party at Debaser Medis, Stockholm.

Sooo Great!!! Check out on Instagram#atomicswing too.

8/3/2016: Atomic Swing VEVO
Check this out!

26/4/2015: 16 years!
16 years since this fan site opened. Thanks to all!!!
Atomic Swing is the best band forever.

26/4/2014: 15 years!
15 years since this fan site opened. Thanks to all!!!

From Love & Peace Havana 2014

Atomic Swing will also play at Kackelstugan on 28th July.

And here's Luna Green's new album "SWEDISH STRAWBERRIES", with Niclas Frisk.

7/11/2013: Love & Peace Havana 2014
Atomic Swing will play at Love & Peace Havana 2014, in Cuba!!

Atomic Swing reunite again, will play together again at last.
They will play on the 8th march 2014.

GAFFA.se / Aftonbladet / Metro.se / musikindustrin.se / Festivalrykten / SVD

Love & Peace Havana Official site : http://www.lovepeacehavana.com/
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lovepeacehavana
Join the Facebook!

17/4/2013: Heavy Thunder
Updated Niclas' bio page. Photo of Heavy Thunder, when he was 14 years old!!

20 April - Stensö krogen, Kalmar

28 May - Blidösund, Stockholm

9 July - Nösunds Värdshus, Orust

10 July - Kackelstugan, Öland (med JOHN MARTIN från SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA)

11 July - Kackelstugan, Öland (med hemlig gäst)

20 July - Musik på Varvet, Ljusterö

5 Aug - Majas, Varberg

6 Aug - Slussens Pensionat, Orust

21 Sep - Stålboms Konditori, Falkenberg (OBS nytt datum)

Check out more info : Niclas Frisk's Chinatown on Facebook.

6/4/2013: OrWin - The Earth Can't Hold On No More
New song! ; "The Earth Can't Hold On No More" by Orwin.
"OrWin" is the new project by Petter Orwin. Available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Download at iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/earth-cant-hold-on-no-more/id631148828)
or CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/orwin2

Petter is also in the middle of recording a lot of new songs (against who are destroying our world just because they are greedy) so there's an album coming up in a while.

14/2/2013: Happy Birthday to Niclas and Micke!
Happy Birthday to Niclas and Micke!

Check out Niclas Frisk's Chinatown on Facebook.

24/3/2011: Niclas Frisk in-store live
Niclas Frisk will play at Folk å Rock in Malmö, on 18th April 2011.

21/3/2011: Message from Petter Orwin to JAPAN

Me and my family are following all the news via CNN and other media regarding the big earthquake and the tsunami that hit your country. We feel really sorry and we are praying that things can work out as well as possible. I really hope that Japanese workers manage to cool down the power plants as soon as possible.

I still remember the feeling I had when we played in Japan with Atomic Swing right after the Kobe earthquake. Some fans that had bought tickets didn't show up at the gig. Maybe some of them were lost in the earthquake (very strange feelings at that time..). But the thing I remember most is how the Japanese audience really lived out their lives and had a good time despite all sad things that had happened. I'm very impressed of Japan and the Japanese spirit!

I'm still following all news about the disaster in Japan and I hope everything will end up in a way that is as good as possible. I heard that you even in Tokyo have to use less electricity and that small earthquakes still going on pretty often. Someday, somehow, I hope something good will come out of it all...

Good luck to you from the whole of my heart!

Your friend
Petter Orwin


Petter gave to me a music file via internet. I put the file here.
- Feed My Dreams

It's not Atomic Swing, by Petter Orwin and Stefan Westberg.
Petter is the one who originally wrote text and music, arranged, played all instruments including the bass and singed by Stefan Westberg who Petter plays together sometimes.

Thank you, Petter!!! We won't give up our hopes.

10/2/2011: Deeper Down In Chinatown
Niclas Frisk's solo album "Deeper down in Chinatown" will be released from EMI on 13th April. You can order at bengans.se!

Check out the official site, http://www.nfchinatown.se/

12/11/2010: Niclas Frisk's Solo Album
Niclas Frisk will release the solo album "Deeper down in Chinatown" in early 2011. Some tunes from the album will be used on SVT drama "Våra Vänners Liv"(Our friends life) .

- Niclas Frisk släper soloskiva - Dalarnas Tidningar (10/11/2010)

- Niclas Frisk skriver på för EMI - Musiknyheter.nu (11/11/2010)

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12/2/2010: Niclas Frisk's Chinatown to Finland
Niclas Frisk's Chinatown will play in 2 capitals.

13th Feb Helsinki, Nosturi
24th Feb Stockholm, Mosebacke

Finnish article : Prozac on vaarallista kamaa / rumba

Goatbridge / Official Site(under construction)

10/11/2009: Articles about Niclas Frisk's Chinatown
Some articles about Niclas Frisk's Chinatown.

Frisk satsar på nytt projekt - Dalarnas Tidningar
En Frisk fläkt tar med Chinatown till Västerås - Västerås tidning
Kocken Niclas Frisk - SMP.se
Frisk lyckas med sin mission - SMP.se

If you went to the shows, please write something about it on my board:)

24/10/2009: One more Chinatown!
"Niclas Frisk's Chinatown" will also play at Växjö Kafe Deluxe, on 6th November 2009! Enjoy Friday night:)

14/10/2009: One more about "Niclas Frisk's Chinatown"
"Niclas Frisk's Chinatown" will also play at Västerås Intiman/Blackbox, on 4th November 2009. Check out here. Please report to me about the shows if you went:)

16/9/2009: More about "Niclas Frisk's Chinatown"
"Niclas Frisk's Chinatown" will also play at Skottvångs Grufva, on 29th October 2009.

28/8/2009: "Niclas Frisk's Chinatown" and "Swedish Idol 2009"

Niclas will play under the name "Niclas Frisk's Chinatown" for Goatbridge productions' 10th anniversary night (congratulations to Fredrik!) - Fri 30th October 2009, Kyrkogatan 9 (Tea & Tages), Smedjebacken. It is his new project, seems solo.

Tickets : ticnet.se
The articles : Dalarnas Tidningar, Dalademokraten

One more, Atomic Swing's "Dream On"(from the album "The Broken Habanas"2006) is on trailer of Swedish Idol 2009. Check out the video at TV4, and youtube!

Johan Palm, who was debut from the program, is singing "Teenage Battlefield".

1/7/2009: "The Flasher" compeleted version video, and new board!
Nothing from Atomic Swing's activity at the moment and the official site has gone, but they have been fine. I've made the new board(forum) for their fans around the world - my friends! Write something free, I hope you would enjoy here:)
Atomic Swing Fan Board

And there is a cool story. Here is the perfect version of "The Flasher" video!!

Atomic Swing: The flasher (updated) 2 from Lekrans on Vimeo.

This video was remixed by the movie director, Michael Lekrans. He wrote to me that he had just put a new breath to the video, and made it perfect. Anyway watch it!! You can watch it by full screen as well:) It's really wonderful..! You can see his other works too, from here. Really thanks Mike!!!

One more, these photos are from Niklas.Nilsson - have you got it too??
Atomic Swing

Atomic Swing
Yes, this is from their fan club - Swingers Club, 1993. Thanks Niklas!!!

About A CAMP, please check at 3N. My UK reports items are here.

14/4/2009: "Smile" new version on Billys pizza commercial!
Another version of "Smile" is on the new pizza commercial in Sweden!!
Billys Pan Pizza Reklam - Beef Bearnaise

20/3/2009: Billys pizza commercial & Micke 2nd
"Smile" became pizza commercial song in Sweden!
Billys Skyscraper Pizza Commercial

Billys Pan Pizza : http://www.billys.com/

Micke from Sweden
will release the 2nd album "Waiting for the End" in Sweden on 25th March.

There will be the release party at Södra Bar & Kök, on the 25th March 22.00 with special guest Janove Ottesen (The Jackal) amongst others!

1/3/2009: A Camp blog, Micke, and more
Long time no update, sorry. Just I've been busy.
Have you listened "Colonia"? Have you got A Camp tour ticket?

I made a blog for A Camp. After this I will put their info at here;
3N - A CAMP Fan Blog - (feat. Niclas Frisk) Check out!!

Other Atomic News, I'll put this fan site as ever. Nevermind.
Micke from Sweden will release "Handcuffed" on 10th March.
Check the upcoming shows;
Mar 7 2009 8:00P Skottvångs Grufva Gnesta
Mar 10 2009 8:00P Prinz Willy (with Sjur Miljeteig) Kiel
Mar 11 2009 8:00P Pferdestall (with Sjur Miljeteig) Bremerhaven
Mar 12 2009 8:00P Café Central (with Sjur Miljeteig) Magdeburg
Mar 13 2009 8:00P Lagari (with Sjur Miljeteig) Berlin
Mar 14 2009 8:00P Studio 10 (with Sjur Miljeteig) Berlin
Mar 15 2009 8:00P VorWien (with Sjur Miljeteig) Berlin
Mar 17 2009 8:00P Galerie KUB Leipzig
Mar 19 2009 8:00P Raum 4 Fürth
Mar 20 2009 8:00P Patronaat Haarlem
Mar 21 2009 8:00P 4AD Diksmuide

Vad hände med 90-talsbanden? - Aftonbladet(2009-01-28)
See below voting, "Vilket 90-talsband saknar du? "(Which 90's band do you miss?)
Click "Se resultat" - YES, obviously Atomic Swing is the TOP!!!!

25/12/2008: Atomic Swing 1997 on Youtube!
Very thanks to the uploader!!!

My Last Humiliation (TV Live 1997 Japan)

Revival Days (TV Live 1997 Japan)

God Jul och Gott Nytt År, Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year to all Swingers!!

19/12/2008: Free Holiday Download from ACAMP!!
Go to www.acamp.net! You can get free download of "Stilla Natt" MP3 by A CAMP. You can spend your Xmas time with A CAMP:)

You can enjoy their videos on Youtube official channel as well! Also you can find "Silent Night" 2001 TV show.(Not Stilla Natt, it's their original tune. I thnik it's quite rare! Thanks to the uploader.)

A CAMP will play at Swedish Grammy Award on 7th Jan 2009 before the release of "Colonia"(from hd.se). It will be on TV as well. Tickets are here.

Check more info on the Myspace blog!!

17/12/2008: ACAMP on TV
SVT Dom kallar oss artister 20081216 - Interview of Nina Persson, ACAMP
Including songs from Colonia, and "Chinatown" live with Niclas & Nathan!

16/12/2008: A CAMP Xmas video, and Facebook!!
A great Xmas video from A CAMP:) Niclas is playing piano.
Also added new pictures on their Myspace!!

Stilla Natt (Swedish and German)

And there is A CAMP official Facebook! Check out -

And!! Niclas' Myspace has been updated a lot!! You must check:)

3/12/2008: A CAMP TOUR, and Video!!
"Stronger Than Jesus" PV

==A CAMP TOUR 2009==(from Sonic)
 3/4, Göteborgs Konserthus
 4/4, Malmö Konserthus
 6/4, Cirkus, Stockholm
 7/4, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
 9/4, Louis De Geer, Norrköping

( +31/3, VEGA, Copenhagen, Denmark )

You can also watch their interview video at SVT!! (and more, funny video!)

And there are the articles : Aftonbladet / Sveriges Radio.

20/11/2008: A CAMP played in Stockholm!
A CAMP played at Tranans bar in Stockholm on 19th Nov 2008. (Expressen / DN)
A Camp

19/11/2008: Stronger Than Jesus / A CAMP
You can listen A CAMP new single "Stronger Than Jesus"!!
Reveal Records : http://www.reveal-records.com/artist/A-CAMP/

And it seems to be the album cover:)
Colonia - A Camp
"Colonia" seems to be released on 2nd Feb 2009.(Reveal Records)

7/11/2008: A CAMP LIVE!!
A Camp will play in Denmark. VEGA, Copenhagen - Tuesday 31 March 2009!!!
Ticket available here. I expect more shows coming.. in Sweden, New York, Japan hopefully..??:)

23/10/2008: A CAMP / Colonia & Stronger Than Jesus!
A Camp will release the new album "COLONIA" on 28th Jan 2009.
The first single "Stronger than Jesus" will be released on 17th Nov 2008!!

- Aftonbladet / A Camp släpper nytt
- Expressen / Nina Persson släpper nytt A Camp-album
A Camp

13/9/2008: Newtube:)
There are new 4 files on youtube! I put the links on Media page.
Thanks for the uploader. GJ!!

You can also watch a short video of Racing Niclas with Perssons Pack.

13/9/2008: Additional Bio
Put additional bio at Member, Niclas and Petter. Check out! The informations are from "Metal Guru" the wire puller of their background from Mora!!;-) Thanks a lot!!

3/9/2008: Wikipedia Japan
Atomic Swing Japanese Wikipedia has been written!
Who made the page? haha..(^o^)/

1/9/2008: Niclas played at Polor Music Prize - Polarpriset, and more
Niclas Frisk
Niclas played at Polar Music Prize(Polarpriset) ceremony in Stockholm on 26th Aug. You can watch the video (TV4 broadcast) at the prize official site, www.polarmusicprize.com (Click VIDEO)

It's quite a big file, probably whole of the program, 43:50. However you must enjoy this valuable program I think!! He played Pink Floyd with many great Swedish musicians, in front of the real member and King and Prime Minister. There is his short interview as well:)

And there are cool 3 pictures on www.festivalphoto.net from "EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD" 28th Dec 2007. Seach for "Niklas Frisk" at seach box of the website.

A Camp "COLONIA" release date seems early next year, James Iha is together as well. See Wikipedia.

15/8/2008: A CAMP & Micke from Sweden
Check out A CAMP official site : http://www.acamp.net/
The 2nd album title will be "COLONIA".

And Micke from Sweden will release the 2nd album on 26th Sep.
The title is "Waiting for the end". From Nordic Notes in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and Netherlands. You can order the cd at at www.nordicnotes-shop.de. Micke also plans German/Austrian/Swizerland tour in end of October.

13/7/2008: Gnesta
Södermanlands Nyheter - Torparlivet tvingar Niclas Frisk att varva ner
- Artisten och låtskrivaren Niclas Frisk kopplar av i sin stuga i Gnesta.

Seems Niclas has got a cottage with a croft in Gnesta. It's his interview with latest pictures, but I don't know well because too long to translate for me..X( I'll be waiting for the English translation, could you send it to me please??...

(Photo: Pär Olsson)
25/5/2008: 2 Live Video
You can watch Perssons Pack live video at Railway Saloon's homepage.
And Jöback's live with Niclas was on TV, Peter Jöback live på Oscars(SVT).

19/5/2008: Niclas played with Perssons Pack
On 16th May, Niclas played with Perssons Pack at Railway Saloon in Sundsvall. You can see a few pictures at here. And here is an interview of Per Persson (the singer of Perssons Pack), written about Niclas. At the moment Niclas has been back to Sweden, but it seems not so long, he still works at New York for a while.

You can watch an old Perssons Pack live video at youtube, it's before he started Atomic. Very very young!!:)

And Little Marbles has released the single from National. Niclas discovered the cute girls' duo in 2007.

10/3/2008: Niclas' new picture
New picture from Niclas Frisk in New York. What will happen next?

(from Niclas' Myspace)

5/1/2008: 180 cool artworks
Happy New Year to everyone! Check out www.nebrelius.se, 180.
It 's the homepage of Jonas Nebrelius, who has done Atomic Swing cd's artworks!
Click here to see his works for Atomic. He is one of their big fan as well!!
(Thanks for telling me, Jonas!)

30/12/2007: Niclas' latest videos on youtube
As 25th Dec, Niclas Frisk played with Perssons Pack on 26th Dec as well.
You can watch the movies on youtube, here and here.

And he sang a song as solo at "EN AFTON med DUSTY SPRINGFIELD"!
The song was "Just a Little Lovin'", you can watch the video here.
Also you can see the finale of the show's allstars at here.

(These are not pro shots all, but it's rare videos and sounds, so I think you can enjoy!)

24/12/2007: Niclas goes to New York
Niclas Frisk will move to NY for a while. For the work with A Camp and others.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all Swingers.
God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

11/12/2007: Petter's Myspace!
Check out The phantom : Petter Orwin's Myspace! Kolla in!!

9/12/2007: Niclas' live and Micke's new album
Niclas Frisk will play with Nina Persson (from The Cardigans) and Titiyo on 28th Dec, at Debaser, Malmö. It seems to be a trio just for one night. (But it's the trio of "Lovin' Out Of Nothing", isn't it?) It's called ”En kväll med Dusty”(One night with Dusty).

Expressen Helsingborgs - Vilken trio för En kväll (8 Dec 2007)

He will also play with Perssons Pack at RENEN (Folkets Hus), Bollnäs 25 Dec 2007.


Micke Lohse announced that he will release his 2nd solo album in Spring, March or April 2008.
Micke from Sweden


Vote! Vote!! Enjoy the voting systems.
Also "From Japan To ATOMIC" is here as ever.

2/12/2007: The Broken Habanas in stores!!!
Atomic Swing
at Tower Records Ikebukuro, Tokyo - photo from my friend, Kumiko - THANKS!!!

28/11/2007: Finally The Broken Habanas in stores in Japan!!!

!!Check out Strange Days Records - Atomic Swing page!!

The Broken Habanas in Japan - Atomic Swing
at HMV Shibuya, Tokyo

26/11/2007: The Broken Habanas Japanese version will be released at last!!!

atomic swing
On this flier, it's written;

"A miraculous revival album from the most important band of 90's Swedish rock!"

It's about 1 year and a half since the release in Sweden, finally "The Broken Habanas" Japanese version will be released from Japanese label, Strange days records on 28th November 2007.

The Japanese disc is little different from the originals in Sweden as almost artists do for Japanese release. Included 3 extra tracks;
Callboy, Burden of Dreams, Stone Me Into The Groove-another take!! Also with a sleeve notes, written a revue and Japanese translated lyrics - by Mieko, - the webmaster of this fan site - well, I mean, it's ME!!;-) How wonderfull!! What a honor!!! Anyway the disc must be my memorial treasure. I am proud and so happy that I can make a product together with Atomic Swing!! Feel like dreaming...

26/11/2007: Renewal OPEN!!!

Finally I've done the renewal work!! Do you like the new site? Do you like this domain? Hope you like it.
Please tell me if you found some problems in this site. I'll put update news on this page.

I have made a Vote Room. There are 6 polls now. Please vote and enjoy!!

Thanks for everybody who visit and like this site. Tack, Tak, Takk, Kiitos, Danke, Merci, Arigato!!!

Atomic Swing Forever!!!


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