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-- ATOMIC SWING 2nd Japan Tour --

After 10 month from 1st tour, they came to Japan again with the 2nd album "Bossanova Swap Meet". It was quite big tour at livehouse over Japan. They also played at a big hall called Nakano Sunplaza. The audience, who coming for amusement like previous tour, was decreased. Most audience was real fan who being addicted to them and looked out on the stage with mood like 'The groove again!!' ATOMIC SWING seemed relax. They may have got used to be in Japan because of the second visit.

The loss leader of this tour was horn section called 'The Cobras', trumpet and saxophone. (Japanese tour only...?) It made the music widen such as the second album, it was fantastic. It was really effective at the introduction of "In The Dust" and actually they covered up their gig at a big hall. Also we were able to listen "Feedin' Frenzy(C/W:Stone Me... See MIDI Files page.)" due to them.

They played 9 songs from the 1st album as ever and 4 songs from the 2nd as we unexpected. The opening and ending was elaborate, from the opening melody(progressed to "Revival Days" laterjto "Like A John Needs A Yoko" made us get goose flesh, played again "Like A John`" at ending was also cool. And Niclas said "You're beautiful!!" and "Do-mo Arigatou!!(means 'Thank you' in Japanese)" so many times......

After that, gig at liquidroom was reported on a satellite TV program. When I watched it I was overpowered by so many audience and their high tension. It was a climax. And it maybe as a matter of course, in comparison with 1st tour(full of tension) and last tour(just before dissolution), member seemed enjoy without hesitation. In the interview, Niclas said like this.

"When our first tour I didn't see ATOMIC SWING was a live band, I saw like an album band. When the record was successful we had to go on tour... Now we feel very good and I think we became better live band...yes!!"

Who can guess that they would have been missing people after this tour...??

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