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Original article in Swedish : Västerbottens Folkblad 2006-11-17, Olov Hjärtström Baudin


Atomic Swing - Reunion is not temporary

Atomic Swing split up in 1997.
- This is not secret that we hated each other, Niclas Frisk talks. Last spring the band reunited and at the same time released a new album. They have got Japanese who moved to Sweden.

It was many and much Japanese good-point that members in Atomic Swing found passion again.
- I saw there was a strong attraction on the net. You know, Japanese homepage of Atomic Swing. There was a support and I can feel little responsibility for that don't destroy it there, Niclas Frisk explains.
When the band released their 4th album in spring after the start 1992, "The Broken Habanas", there was Japanese fan who took bag and baggage and moved to Sweden.
All for that come near to the favourite group.

The band had more to give
But To say that it was the Japanese fans that was the reason behind the reunion of the band is not true. The mainreason was another.
- I think that everything ended to early, that the band had more to give - both in the studion and on stage. Atomic Swing is one of the best live bands I know. There were emotional and artistical reasons to pick it up again, Niclas Frisk says and talks about the speculations that they are stingy and that was the reason for the reunion.
- To claim that we made the reunion by economical reasons is ridiculous, we already have jobs to got to and we would actually earn more not playing together as a band. Atomic Swing was our worst alternative, Niclas Frisk says and laughs.

Big in Japan as well
It was in the beginnning of 90's Atomic Swing became famous with the singles "Stone Me Into The Groove" and "Smile". They had their big breakthrough and it was not only in Sweden were the band got attention. They became successful in Japan, Canada, Australia and England aswell. The realeased three albums before the band split up.

Niclas Frisk finds it's difficult to talk about the past.
- We played alot and the pace was high. Everything that happened during those years is like a big mess, black hole for me. All the travelling tour on our relationship, and Frisk doesn't deny that the members of the band hated each other.
- It's no secret. I actually think that we hated each other even before we got our hit-singles. But I guess that it's the same with all bands, there is some tension that occurs when big egos have to co-op.

Didn't meet for nine years
When the group met to talk about an eventual comeback the band members hadn't been seeing each other in nine years. There were some issues that had to been solved before the rehearsals could start.
- I'm thinking of Robinson Crusoe, when he comes back to his family. He's spreading a rumour that he is alive before he walks into the house. I think it was something like that, it took some time before we got that feeling in our bodies (stomach). Finally we got pregnant and a lovechild was born - on the autumn of our life.

How was that meet a live audience again?
- It was very touching, it felt nice to have a face of all of them who had been so faithful to us.
- Our fans are very emotional and music lovers and I'm very proud of them.

What do you thought about the future?
- We are taking a break after this Norrlandstrip, then we will go to Japan in the spring. There are some plans of a Scandinaviantour next summer, but we haven't deceided anything yet. We will exist and make stuff. Exactly when and how we don´t know, but it will take some time until next time the people in Västerbotten will see us again.

Translated by a gentleman(Many thanks!)


アトミック・スウィング - 再結成は一時的なものじゃない



1992年にバンドを始動した後、通算4枚目のアルバム"The Broken Habanas"をリリースしてから、荷物を抱えて日本からやってきた日本人のファンがいた。



アトミック・スウィングは90年代初頭、"Stone Me Into The Groove" や "Smile"などのシングルヒットで有名になった。大躍進を遂げた彼らに注目したのはスウェーデン国内だけではなかった。日本、カナダ、オーストラリア、イギリス――。彼らは解散までに3枚のアルバムをリリースした。






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