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About this site

This unofficial fan site was started 26 April 1999, by Mieko.
(Unofficial, but known to the members and staffs.)
I've been making all of here alone with Atomic power.

++About webmaster++
Female, Mother, Born in 1969,
Live in Tokyo,Japan

Able to speak English
(not so well) and little Swedish!
(Of course Japanese too.. I'm good at Japanese!!=))
Wrote the Japanese translated lyrics for "The Broken Habanas" Japanese version.

First time I listened Atomic Swing was autumn 1993.
It was played from the radio, the song was Panicburgh City.
I got mad in just 2 seconds by the guitar of the introduction!

My emotions for the band have never changed at all since that moment.
Atomic Swing is my dream, identity, truth, the most important thing of the world.

My treasures in this site;
- The Golden Soil
- The Great Adventure of The Broken Mieko
- Niclas Frisk interview 2006, Västerbottens Folkblad

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<Special Thanks to:>
Mathias Lundgren, Niklas Nilsson, J.F.Gentleman, Mia

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This site owned by Mieko from Japan.
For the greatest band on the cosmic, with huge love, forever.