The Great Adventure of "The Broken Mieko"- 2006, The Fullmoon Tour -

<31 Oct 2006 / The new real game - prologue>

Once upon a time... No, it's a contemporary story. The adventure began when I set out from Tokyo Narita airport to Copenhagen airport. I was ready to be a brave soldier to make sure the revival of Atomic Swing in Sweden. But the level was not enough. I was so nervous about meeting my great heroes again.

When I arrived Copenhagen, it was quite windy and raining little bit. Anyway I stayed at hotel where near from the airport. (photo; the station of Copenhagen airport) Then... this strange adventure started to show. God gave me trials for seeing the gigs...?

<1 Nov 2006 / snowstorm>

Oh my god, it was snowstorm unexpectedly!!! How can I get to the station!? I froze at the view. But I went to the station somehow, I had to go to Malmö by it. Then I took train, the terrible announce started to hear.. "This train stops at Copenhagen airport. Passengers to Sweden, please change to the bus from there." Oh nooo!!!! But I couldn't choice. I took the bus to go to Malmö. I was looking for the view from oeresundsbron, but see this photo... nothing. Anyway I got into Sweden after 8 years, but it was still terrible. We had to get off at Malmöstad, then change to train again.....! I was carrying my big suitcase.. please say no, someone... Like this I arrived to the place where they play at last. In my head, "Pilgrim" played all the way...
Then I went to hotel and waited the weather get better. After that I went to shopping. First I entered a record shop, to look for a CD. This is what I looked for, you know? "Vilda baciller", which Niclas Frisk written the music. This is a TV program for kids. Then I went to buy warm clothes and Swedish dictionary. It was still windy so much, but snow stopped the attack.

Such a sweet town, Malmö!!
I went back to hotel to eat sandwich and get warm. In the room, see the photo, there was a parrot like Atomic Swing new simbol. I put TV switch on, it was boring. When I was changing the channels while eat sandwich, "The Flasher" was played from the radio suddenly!! I was listening to it with a smile, then I was surprised because Niclas started to talk from the radio! Wow!! They were talking with the opening act "Doctor Dunbar's Medicine Band". It was the first time I felt "Sweden says welcome to me".. My tension was got higher, I left hotel to meet them again..

"I'm getting older?" Niclas said that he grew the beard because it's cold. Soon he told me unbelievable topic. "I talked about your homepage on TV twice." Haaaaaa????? I froze more than seeing snowstorm view. He continued it was SVT and TV4. Yes I've seen the interviews so many times, but I couldn't understand the Swedish. Actually I had noticed that they say "hemsida" in these interviews but I couldn't understand more than it. My brain was broken, yes I became to be "The Broken Mieko", so I can't remember after it well. Anyway I met Atomic Swing again at last. It was long long way both place and time.. And I gave small Japanese presents to all. They welcomed me very much, I was really glad to meet the all members and nice staffs.
I heard from many people that it was the first cold day in this autumun in Sweden. Usually it doesn't seem to snow in this season. Very strange. I'll confess that I am called "A Rainy Woman" generally. I don't know this expression there in English, it means like this; "Whenever you come around it's surely raining." hahaha... So, sorry!! I called the snowstorm maybe!!

About the gig, I can't explain how I was impressed by the great show!!!! But I think you can imagine without any words. Actually the audience (included a guitarist from The Ark) was not so many, but I was able to meet Niklas.N (long time gives me AS informations.. really thanks!)! It was such a nice thing. On this tour, the bassist was not Petter Orwin. He never quit, it's just replaced for a while. The nice guy, called Hendrik Nilsson ( is it all right? I should have taken his photo.. I regret) played instead of Petter very well, but I missed Petter because it was the first time I saw the reunion gig. But whole the band sound was getting better, more heavy!! I really feel that it's not so bad getting older. It makes people stronger. I like the new arranged (not so far, but little bit new) "Lovething" and "Like A John Needs A Yoko" especially, it was so excellent! It still echoes in my brain. And the member introduction in the middle of "Smile" is as ever, and it makes us sooo break!!

Well, I have to write about huge happy story. Niclas said from the stage "I'll speak in English. Because there is a special guest in audience from Tokyo! We'll play this song for Mieko!!"......... then, they played "In The Dust".................................. Can you imagine such happiness like this? I cried of caurse. I can still cry just to remember this time. God gave me trials for must be this, I thought. I became "The Broken Mieko" more and more. Really thanks for the great gift, Atomic Swing!!! It was very cold outside but my heart was completely warmed.

Micke's vocal must be powered up. I felt it a lot.

Henrik"s drum made me dance! The beat is so cool as ever!!
Setlist - Malmö KB (11 Nov 2006)

1. The Flasher
2. Lovething
3. Like A John Need A Yoko
4. So Mystifying
5. Stray Dog
6. Too LateTo Exit
7. Bossanova Swap Meet
8. Pilgrim
9. Panicburgh City
10. In The Dust
11. From Venus To Everyday
12. Stone Me Into The Groove

13. Mosquitos On Mars?
14. Lovin' Out Of Nothing
15. Smiile

I got this newest T-shirts at KB. So cool!!
But you must feel you have seen this something..haha.

The next morning was sunny. Beautiful Malmö!

Malmö central station

<2 Nov 2006 / Heat it up!>

After I arrived Göteborg, I went to my friend's house. She is Japanese and lives there. She was a classmate of my Swedish lesson 10 years ago. I was so glad to meet her and her newborn baby! Yes I was studying Swedish before but I gave up with the end of the band. Then I restart to learn in this year with the reunion of the band! Yeah! But I can't talk well yet.. Niclas always corrects my bad pronunciation.. Haa...(sigh) He is a strict teacher.

Well, see this article, Göteborgs-Posten which written about a crazy fan came from Japan just to see their gigs (Here is the English & Japanese translation). I didn't expect like this, I should just laugh.. But it's like a prize for me as well.

Then I went to Sticky Fingers but I lost my way!! I was singing in my head "I've walked for a thousand miles today.." Mosquitos On Mars? Sticky Fingers in Göteborg? But I arrived somehow. So I was tired. But the show was amazing anyway!! I enjoyed the time very much!! Hey guys who was jumping with me cross a shoulder, are you reading this? And during the show a lady who talked to me "Are you coming here for only them? You crazy!!"(Maybe it was in Swedish??), how are you now? Another guys who was singing "Lovin' Out Of Nothing", you sing well! And special thanks to a lady and gentleman!

It was very very delightful time for me who dreamt to see AS gig in Sweden with Swedish swingers for a long time. Actually 9 years ago, I was planning to go to their tour in 1997 before Japan tour, but it was cancelled even though I got the air ticket. So it was a dream come true for me. And I got "So Mystifying" in this show. I'm grateful to AS and all the staffs and fans!! I love Atomic Swing more than before. I like their present more than the past they were so big, both the sound and stage, appearance too. Fantastic!!!

Niclas shook the hip a lot like duck tail. It was very impressive, I think it's a new dance for him. When I told them about Air guitar contest in Finland, that Japanese comedian won the championship, Micke told me like this; "Mieko, you should play Atomic Swing air guitar!!" But I answered to Niclas "I can't do it!! Because.. you move strange..." "Do I move strange!?!?" Niclas wondered about it, I asked Micke and he agreed with me. Yes Niclas, you move strange and unique when you play. But it's definitely not abuse, we love the moving because it's cute!! It is really just like you, nobody can do the mimic I think!! You should apply for a patent! Of caurse your special singing voice as well =)

And.. may I write about the greatest unbelievable story? Niclas said to me "You are one of the reason of reunion." .................... I froze more than anything... you know, I lost my words, The Broken Mieko was completed. Now I really feel that it was right that I went to Sweden, also it was right that I've been keeping this homepage more than 7 years even if the band wasn't actually exist. I am proud of it very much. I will try to deserve the precious words and heart. This is my lifework, my precious place with just a huge love. I will do my best forever, so please play in this band as long as I live!! I'm competely Happy!!!!

Setlist- Göteborg (Sticky Fingers) 2/11/2006

1. The Flasher
2. Lovething
3. Like A John Need A Yoko
4. So Mystifying
5. Too LateTo Exit
6. Bossanova Swap Meet
7. Pilgrim
8. Panicburgh City
9. In The Dust
10. Venus Addiction
11. Stone Me Into The Groove

12. Stray Dog
13. Lovin' Out Of Nothing
14. Smiile

*And here is interview papers for visitors my homepage. Thanks for writing!!!

<3 Nov 2006 / The Broken Train>

There must have been their gig in Västerås, I was planning to going there too but unfortunately it was cancelled by double booking. Anyway I had to fly from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Tokyo, early morning - 4th November, so I changed my plan to stay a night in Stockholm. I took intercity train from Göteborg, then the terrible accident attacked to me again. The train was stopped at a small station where I don't know the place... And the announce was only Swedish... I couldn't understand why we were staying there. So I asked crew why. He said "This train is broken. We are repairing now. Maybe we can go about 45min later. You have to wait here." O.....K....... I'll be waiting........NO!!! Really fuckin' adventure about train. Not "The Broken Habanas", it was "The Broken Train"!!! About an hour later, the train started to move again. I was waiting for it while listening to "The Broken Habanas" of cause. The day before of this day trains to Stockholm seems didn't work because of snow. I thought it's better than it. So I couldn't spend my time in Stockholm so much. But I was sure that someday I come here again!!

This is the evidence of Stockholm covered with snow.

Bye bye Sweden. But I didn't feel sad, because I was feeling this is not the end. It must be a start of a new story!
I'll never been broken again. Many thanks for all people who I met during this adventure!! See you again!!!

Very special thanks to Ullii Goldberg!! Kram!

***The other story - Episode 1***
I fell down from step and my knee was hurt at Göteborg. The wound still aches, it fester a little.
You know, every adventure is together several happenings.And if you get happy, you have to lose something.
It seems an exaggeration but easy to do in your life. And this wound is also my souvenir from Sweden... X(

***The other story - Episode 2***
When I come back home, I got a mail from one of swingers who was in Malmö KB.
He wrote that he was looking for me who was a crazy woman from Japan, he found an asian,
but he felt that
"But she didn't look like she was more than twenty years of age."...
What a splendid praise! What a good boy you are!!! =) Actually I'm the same age as Niclas.
Let me write down your credit here.. Tusen tack, Olof!! I'll treat you beer if I meet you again, someday!! haha...

***The other story - Episode 3***
Micke told me that he has been keeping his first beard in a box!!!!!!!
He promised to gave it to my site. (Only photo?) Micke, I'll be waiting!
--The First beard was the longest--

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