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Japan Tour

ATOMIC SWING took Japan Tour 3 times.
1st Tour
11/3 Osaka Club Quattro Report Pics Tour T-shrits
12/3 Nagoya Club Quattro
13/3 Tokyo Club Quattro
14/3 Tokyo Club Quattro
16/3 Tokyo On Air
2nd Tour
20/1 Sapporo Penny Lane 24 Report Pics Tour T-shrits
22/1 Nagoya Club Quattro
23/1 Osaka Club Quattro
24/1 Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza
26/1 Tokyo Riquid Room
28/1 Hiroshima Neo Police Hall
29/1 Fukuoka Crossing Hall
30/1 Osaka Club Quattro
31/1 Tokyo Club Quattro
3rd Tour
20/5 Tokyo Club Quattro Report Pics Tour T-shrits
21/5 Tokyo Club Quattro
22/5 Nagoya Club Quattro
23/5 Fukuoka Drum Rogos
25/5 Osaka Club Quattro
26/5 Tokyo Club Quattro
28/5 Sapporo Penny Lane 24
29/5 Sendai Macana
Ex: 23/10/1995 London The Garage gig report
4th Tour
coming soon in 2008...??
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