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Wikipedia Atomic Swing (English) / (Swedish) / (Japanese)
mixi Atomic Swing community (sorry, Japanese only, and need to register the membership)

There is another great fan site from Sweden in English. The latest news, mp3 files, Guestbook, and more!
 (It's been stopped the update actually)

The fan site. It's Swedish only but such a wonderful site!
You can see and listen a lot of pics from Swedish TV program! (It's been stopped the update actually)
Vanessa and the O's
Niclas' project, Vanessa and the O's official site.
Vanessa and the O's Community
Vanessa and the O's fan site from France!
Micke From Sweden
Official site of Micke's solo project! Myspace is here!
Micke & his wife Jasminka's cool jewellery shop in Stockholm!
Perssons Pack
Official site? Unofficial site? Anyway great site by Tommy!!
Virgin Sverige
The lavel of Sweet Chariots

Internet CD shop from Sweden to overseas. You can use English to buy.

Internet CD shop from Sweden to overseas. You can use English to buy.
Morgan Klang
Swedish photographer's site which you can see Atomic Swing old photo.
Enter traditional section.
Senoh Homepage
Japanese photographer's site which you can see Niclas' photo in 1995. Click 'Atomic swing' on the top page.
Silence Studio
Atomic Swing used this studio. There is a Niclas' photo on the Ga:ster page.
Swedish-English Dictionary
If you were Swedish and not good at English, visit here.
Or if you were not Swedish and want to read the articles in Swedish, search Swedish words on this site!

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