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23/10/1995 London The Garage

While they were missing people as living in London (Studying English and R&R Life......??), in fact they played with 'The Cobras' at The Garage in London just once...... Appeared with 22 Pistepirkko(Finland) and The Popping Cheries(Maybe Scandinavian), ATOMIC SWING was second.

Almost audience was Scandinavian, as Niclas asked from stage "I think there's a lot of Scandinavian, is there English man here tonight!?!?" And Niclas also screamed "Scandinavian Night----!!!" although it's not an event like under the name............

The playing was not so well (such as missed intro and said "Another try") but I think it was a quite valuable gig. Because they played "Walking My Devil", "Gone In The Smoke" and "Stray Dog" before formed (sounds like more R&B taste and slow), above all the bass player was Petter!! When I heard about he had quit, I knew it was the last gig for him......

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