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You can listen to their songs from the new album at Official Myspace!!

And you can see their old video at Youtube.

The Flasher (PV)

Stone Me Into The Groove (PV)

Smile (PV)

Panicburgh City (PV)

Like A John Needs A Yoko / 1995 Japan tour!

Bossanova Swap Meet / 1997 Japan tour!

Stone Me Into The Groove / Studio Live(Swedish tv) in 1992 or 1993?

Atomic Swing 1994 Japanese documentary - Part1

Atomic Swing 1994 Japanese documentary - Part2

Atomic Swing & Ronnie Spector - So In Need of A Change

Atomic Swing - Venus Addiction (With Leif Pagrotsky)

Atomic Swing - So Mystifying (Nyhetsmorgon 2006)

Atomic Swing - The Flasher (Nyhetsmorgon 2006)

(I've put the links for only pro shots. There are more files, search it.)


"The flasher" full video on Aftonbladet TV!! (25 May -) (Youtube is here)

You can see their TV performance on the net. Sooo great!! Don't miss it!

- TV4 Bingolotto(28 May)
Live on stage at TV show, "Dream On"!! (Corrected URL)

- Sveriges Radio P4 - Casino(28 May) = The file has gone
Radio by Real player. Click "Del 2 (20:03-21:00). From 25 minutes till 43 minutes of the file.
Interview, "Pilgrim", "Chocolates And Candy" acoustic and from the album,
"Lovin' out of Nothing" , "The flasher". (Maybe can't listen now)

- SVT Gomorron Sverige / 16 May -1 (6:34-) = The file has gone.
- "The flasher" video!!! Sooo cool!!! From 20 minutes later of 26 minutes file.

- SVT Gomorron Sverige / 16 May -2 (7:42-) = The file has gone.
- "So Mystifying" acoustic live, and interview without Henrik. Almost all Atomic Swing, 18 minutes!

- SVT TV HUSET / 7 May - "The flasher" played at studio. = The file has gone
- TV4 nyhetsmorgon (14 May) "The flasher" Studio Live = The file has gone
- TV4 nyhetsmorgon (14 May) "So Mystifying" Studio Live = The file has gone
- TV4 nyhetsmorgon (14 May) Interview = The file has gone
- TV4 news(11 May) Interview include some scene from release party = The file has gone

- Sveriges Radio P5 - Niclas and Micke interview(14 May 2006 / 13minutes)

- Sveriges Radio Interview with Henrik Berglund
See the bottom of this page. There are 3 files.

- POPikoni - Niclas' interview movie in English!! (after day of Tavastia gig)

- Podradio - Atomic Swing tillbaka efter 10 års tystnad(18 May 2006) ...Click "Ladda ner"

- TV2 - Klubb X3M (TV program information in Finland)
16 July 2006 20:50 / 17.07.2006 23:05
I don't know the detail but it's maybe gig at Tavastia? Rebroadcast? I really want to see it but it's impossible for me..

- maf.fi - "Stone Me Into The Groove" melody for mobile
= The file has gone

- TV8 - Studio Virtanen (TV talk show in Sweden) 25 July 2006, 00:30-
Niclas Frisk appears. I think it's rebroadcast of 26 April. I want to see it so much, but I can't see ..
If you live in Sweden, you can see it at TV8 WEBB TV. But if you don't live in Sweden, you can't access this file...

- LFM Skellefteå - Trästockfestivalen WEBB TV!! (20 July 2006)
Click "VÅRAN MEDIASPELAR" on the top page, you can see the digest shows from the festival.

- Östersunds-TV - from Storsjöyran (29 July 2006) = The file has gone
Click "Yransvep", you can see "Lovething" little bit.

- an.no - Atomic Swing pa video - from Parken festival (2 Sep 2006) = The file has gone

- SVT Folktoppen - will appear Sat 23 September 2006, 20:00 / The article from Expressen
You can see this program at Folktoppen homepage, click 'video' - "2006" - "Atomic Swing"
Leif Pagrotsky appears instead of Micke!=) They play "Venus Addiction"! Cool!!

- Kanal 5 Drickbart - will apper 11 October 2006 (I don't know what time it is)

- Sveriges Radio P3 Live - 13 October 2006, 21:03 - Live on air from Storsjöyran(29 July 2006)
You were able to listen the live, but the file has gone now.. It was really great!!

- NRK Nett TV - TOPP20 Stone Me Into The Groove (Acoustic) in TV program, Norway
- NRK Nett TV - Kveldsnytt 01.08.06 Short acoustic clips and interview from news program
These are streaming net tv but if you live outside Norway, maybe you can't see it rightly.
That's the problem of the bit rate(I asked NRK. they say), it is available in 891 kbit/s and in 291 kbit/s, but unfortunately not in 650 kbit/s (which is the highest speed you may get abroad Norway, in NRKs nett-tv). In Japan, it sounds like a ghost.. and this information was from Mia, Finland. (Thanks a lot, Kiitos, Mia!!) Mia also said it's strange in Finland too. I wish if I could see these program rightly.. It must be great!

- Sveriges Radio P3 Live - 26 December 2006, 21:03 - Live on air from Storsjöyran(29 July 2006)
Repeat on air!!! Don't miss it!! It was really great!! You can listen 50 min live take!

- SIME2006 - They played at conference(SIME - Scandinavian Interactive Media Event ) on 22 November. See Movie Gallery page, you can see very short shots in "SIME The Movie" and "SIME Awards". You can also find the photos at Frickr, here and here and here. (I noticed about this at Frickr.)

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