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ATOMIC SWING Single CD Collection

Stone Me Into The Groove
C/W:Feedin' Frenzy

C/W:Looking For Tomorrow

Panicburgh City

Panicburgh City(Maxisingle)
1.Panicburgh City,
3.From Venus To Everyday,
4.Feedin' Frenzy

In The Dust
C/W:Mosquitos On Mars?

Bossanova Swap Meet
C/W:Hoodood In mamou

So In Need Of A Change
1.Mad Genius Mix
2.Radio Edit
3.Album Version
4.Too Late Too Exit

Walking My Devil
1.Radio Edit
2.Album Version
3.The Right Move
After 2006-

So Mystifying
C/W [Dream On]
26/4/2006 ON SALE

The Flasher
C/W [Venus Addiction(uncut version)]
21/6/2006 ON SALE

Venus Addiction
(Radio Edit)
C/W [Pilgrim demo,
So Mystifying demo]
30/8/2006 ON SALE

C/W [Burden Of Dreams]
25/4/2007 ON SALE

That's all I've got.

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