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Vanessa and the O's

Official site : http://www.vanessaandtheos.com/

Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/vanessaandtheos  

Fan site from France : Community-La Communauté d'O

Youtube artist page : http://youtube.com/profile?user=vanessaandtheos
(You can watch videos, I recommend "Maroquinerie Gig Paris" espesially!!)

Plus Rien
(4 tracks EP)
Fall 2003 released

La ballade d'O
(Debut album)
25 May 2005 released

La ballade d'O
25 May 2005 released
4 bonus track, Original cover, Japanese lyrics

You can buy the album at here!!
Hotstuff Mailorder / Megastore.se

Vanessa & The O's played in Japan on 18th November!!
Strange Days magazine's vol.100 Anniversary party, at Club Citta Kawasaki.

But Niclas didn't come with the band this time, because he will be on tour with Peter Jöback.
The show was an event of their lavel, Strange Days' paper magazine.
Click here about the detail(but in Japanese..)..

The Tour Members:

Andreas Mattsson-Guitar
Steven Eagles-Guitar
Jack Dunkley-Bass
Nicholas Millard-Drum

Special Guest: Clive Langer-Guitar

*The photos are on Myspace!

The Japanese version was released 24 May 2006!!
4 bonus track, Original cover, Japanese lyrics.

The label -- Strange days Records

『We All Love Ennio Morricone』

Vanessa and The O's participated in the morricone's tribute album
"We All Love Ennio Morricone" with the magnificent lineup.
This album's Japanese version also will be released from Sony records, on 21st March.

Amazon.com /Amazon.co.jp / @TOWER.JP / HMV Japan

They play "Je Changerais D'Avis" in this album, the original is called "Se telefonando"
which was by Mina, Italian pops female singer in 60's.
(Thanks for the info, Yann!!)
You can watch it at Youtube! (And the old French version is here)
It's so suitable for Vanessa's vocal, isn't it!?

---2005 TOUR DATE---

13 july Halmstad - B&B
14 july Stockholm - Marie Laveau
15 july malmoe - KB
16 july Gothenburg - Pusterviksbaren

---2006 TOUR DATE---

19 April Lille - Le Grand Mix
20 April Paris - La Maroquinerie/ Soirée Inrocks
21 April Nantes - L'Olympic
22 April Angoulême - La Nef

30 Sep Point FMR, Paris

8 March 2007 8:00P Le Baron [Vanessa dj only], Paris
9 March 2007 8:00P Sous Le Pont Showcase, Paris


**Click here to see the tour photo!!**
=News, Articles LOG=

In fall 2003, Niclas and Andreas were released a single CD, with James Iha(ex-Smashing Pumpkins) and Vanessa Quin(French woman singer). This project is called 'Vanessa and The O's'. The news is here(in English).

And here(in Swedish) is an article in September 2002. Iha and Niclas were robbed by two other guys after a dinner at a Stockholm restaurant. No one was physically hurt but they were stolen 300 dollars. It also says they are working with a New York girl called Karen; Lou Reed also seems to be involved.

Vanessa and The O's interview on Metro 13th May.
The PDF file is too big to open, so I separate and up here it again.

And there are new articles here and here.

---Stockholm City Article
---It's a trap!(the news in English)

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