Aftonbladet / Atomic Swing gör comeback

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Original article in Swedish : Aftonbladet 2006-1-25, Björn Solfors


Atomic Swing coming back

--Atomic Swing reunite.
Come back and the plan of new CD and big tour were furthered secretly.

Almost ten years they were silent. In 1997, the successful quintet chose that walk different scales. In those days they went many tour, released three popular albums and singles. They are come back soon.

--Summer tour
According to the Aftonbladet person who know about this matter well, the band is working at the new come back album. The album is arriving presumably that follow up by the big summer festival tour. They also may have current with a club tour later in autumn. The frontman Niclas Frisk, formed the band in 1992, after split he worked among other musicians as Titiyo and Peter Joback. He has moreover wherein involve in Nina Perssons solo project "A Camp" and "Vanessa and the O's".

Ten years. But we couldn't forget the hits "Stone me into the groove" and "Smile" from the greatest popularity debut album "A car crash in the blue". In summer, they will get new live.

Translated by my friend. (Many thanks!)


『アトミック・スウィング 復活!』





フロントマンであるニクラス・フリスクは、1992年にこのバンドを結成し、解散後はTitiyoやPeter Jobackなど他のミュージシャンに曲を提供していた。またニーナ・パーションのソロプロジェクト"A Camp" や"Vanessa and the O's"でも活動している。

しかし"Stone me into the groove" や "Smile"など多くのヒットナンバーが入っているアルバム"A car crash in the blue"は、今も忘れられることなく支持されている。数々の名曲達は、この夏 新しい生命を得ることになるだろう。


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