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Nina Persson(from The Cardigans)'s solo project.
Niclas Frisk made songs together with them and playing guitar.

I made a blog for A Camp. After this I will put the info at here;
3N - A CAMP Fan Blog - (feat. Niclas Frisk)


Go to www.acamp.net! You can get free download of "Stilla Natt" MP3 by A CAMP. You can spend your Xmas time with A CAMP:)

You can enjoy their videos on Youtube official channel as well! Also you can find "Silent Night" 2001 TV show.(Not Stilla Natt, it's their original tune. I thnik it's quite rare! Thanks to the uploader.)

A CAMP will play at Swedish Grammy Award on 7th Jan 2009 before the release of "Colonia"(from hd.se). It will be on TV as well. Tickets are here.

Check more info on the Myspace blog!!

SVT Dom kallar oss artister 20081216 - Interview of Nina Persson, ACAMP
Including songs from Colonia, and "Chinatown" live with Niclas & Nathan!


A great Xmas video from A CAMP:) Niclas is playing piano
Also added new pictures on their Myspace!!

Stilla Natt (Swedish and German)

And there is A CAMP official Facebook! Check out -

And!! Niclas' Myspace has been updated a lot!! You must check:)


"Stronger Than Jesus" PV

==A CAMP TOUR 2009==(from Sonic)
 3/4, Göteborgs Konserthus
 4/4, Malmö Konserthus
 6/4, Cirkus, Stockholm
 7/4, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
 9/4, Louis De Geer, Norrköping

( +31/3, VEGA, Copenhagen, Denmark )

You can also watch their interview video at SVT!!(and more, funny video!)

And there are the articles : Aftonbladet / Sveriges Radio.


A CAMP played at Tranans bar in Stockholm on 19th Nov 2008.
(Expressen / DN)
A Camp


You can listen A CAMP new single "Stronger Than Jesus"!!
Reveal Records : http://www.reveal-records.com/artist/A-CAMP/

And it seems to be the album cover:)

"Colonia" seems to be released on 2nd Feb 2009.(Reveal Records)


A Camp will play in Denmark.
VEGA, Copenhagen - Tuesday 31 March 2009!!! Ticket available here.


The new album "COLONIA" on 28th Jan 2009. The first single "Stronger than Jesus" will be released on 17th Nov 2008!!

- Aftonbladet / A Camp släpper nytt
- Expressen / Nina Persson släpper nytt A Camp-album



The 2nd album title will be "COLONIA", release date seems early 2009,
James Iha is together as well.


A Camp played with Niclas in NY, August 2007!
- A Camp (nina persson) played Union Hall in Brooklyn
(Brookrynvegan, 7 August 2007)

They also played at Knitting Factory (NYC) 2 days later.
You can see the photos at Flicker, and videos on youtube!

They have one more show at Mercury Lounge (NYC) on 17 September 2007.


A CAMP will release their 2nd album!!
- Nina Persson ger nytt liv åt A Camp (DN, 9 May 2007)
- Nina Persson gör ny soloplatta (Sydsvenskan, 9 May 2007)

Album "A CAMP"
Released August 2001

Single "I Can Buy You"
Released August 2001

Niclas Frisk and Nina Persson won "Swedish Grammis 2002" - Songwriter of the year, for the work of A Camp. It's also got "Best Album", "Best Female Artist" and "Best Lyrics".
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