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The Broken Habanas(2006)
A Car Crash In The Blue(1993)
Bossanova Swap Meet(1994)
In Their Finest Hour(1998)

The Broken Habanas
The revival album (by original members with Petter)
which announced incredible reunion in January, 2006.
Released 10th May 2006 in Sweden. Produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt.

(P) & (C) 2006 National
1: The Flasher
2: Pilgrim
3: Dream On
4: Venus Addiction
5: Chocolates And Candy
6: Dying To Live
7: So Mystifying
8: Lovin'Out Of Nothing
9: Dreamer's Battlefield
10: All Up To You

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Atomic Swing come back - after 9 years since Japan Tour in 1997.
"The Broken Hanbanas" is the beginning of the perfect reunion. You can feel their typical music as ever, and powered up. It's 10 songs including 3 self-covers, the passion and souls are put a lot. The cover art is also self-cover of their legendary masterpiece album "A Car Crash In The Blue". probably it means origin recurrence. The music really makes us feel they are alive!

"The Flasher", perfectly just right for the 1st tune, display revival fireworks. Until the 3rd tune, they tell the return to old listeners by the sounds like before. It's like the 1st album more than the 2nd and the 3rd which changed the music. Especially "Pilgrim" is really typical Atomic tune, I don't feel incongruous even if it was in the 1st album. From "Venus Addiction", you can feel 80's flavor. It makes us aware 9 years passed. (They used to be 70's sounds, so after 10 years, it became 80's now, isn't it? ) The ending of the album is bright and simple rock'n'roll, very spectacularly.

Micke's organ squeezes our souls, Henrik's beat lets us dance, Petter's bass scoops the core of body out, Niclas' guitar stabs from the top of the head, and the singing voice wraps the all. And it produces the frenzied uproar as ever and stimulates the five senses.. You cannot help crying and screaming.

Because of the character, Niclas Frisk didn't ride well on stardom. According to that he felt uncomfortable to be mainstream as a famous person, his motivation fell down. And he couldn't keep being a rock star. He told about it in old interviews like this (See the reference) - "I am not an entertainer" , "The success broke us", "I don't want to be famous", "My biggest ambition right now is to be completely forgotten"... Then after the split up, Niclas almost worked as a songwriter and a produce to the other artists. In more former interview, he told that "I can't imagine that I play Stone Me Into The Groove on stage when I am over 50."

However, now suddenly, he seems to be very frankly and sounds like he got over all the darkness. It's been started over again when he is 37 years old. During the rapid success, they were full by overcoming all work. But you can feel by the new sounds that now they are full of confidence. I guess they passed through such a long and winding road, and they have chosen all things by themselves, then began steering for the new voyage. I hope that they show the majestic live as soon as possible in this eastern country. And hopefully, I think I want them to play "Ston Me Into The Groove" on stage although they would be over 50 and 60 - If there is a fan who moved the heart, even if it was only one.

Copyright (C) 2006 Mieko All rights reserved
Don't reproduce without permission.

1993 - 1997
You can listen the tunes little at here(Swedish fan site).

A Car Crash In The Blue
Nothing to say, it's perfect their first album.
Released 12/2/1993 in Sweden, 22/12/1993 in Japan.
Indispensable to 90's Rock history.... The recording took just 10 days!!

(P)1993 Sonet Grammofon AB
except 4(P)1992
(C)1993 Sonet Grammofon AB

Picture disc
1.Panicburgh City
3.Too Late To Exit
4.Stone Me Into The Groove
5.The Weired Years Of Gentle Chill
7.In The Dust
8.Carnival Stall
9.Mosquitos On Mars?
10.From Venus To Everyday

Bossanova Swap Meet
The 2nd album was recorded at New Orleans and released on 10/10/1994.
Sounds get widen like a duet song(2.) with Ronnie Spector(ex;Ronnets).

(P)1994 Sonet Grammofon AB
(C)1993 Sonet Grammofon AB

1.Stuck On A Worn Out Rhyme
2.So In Need Of A Change
3.Like A John Needs A Yoko
4.Bossanova Swap Meet
5.Teenage Divina
6.Envy Moon
7.Soul Free
8.Hoodood In Mamou
9.Suburbun Wing
10.Moon Age Revolution


Released on 19/3/1997. It's been their last album.
After living in London, recorded at Normandy, France.
Produced by Mike Hedges.

(P)1997 Sonet Grammofon AB
(C)1997 Sonet Grammofon AB

1.Midnight Scraper
2.Bought And Sold
3.Walking My Devil
4.My Last Humiliation
5.When My High Goes Down
6.Straight Forever
7.Gone In The Smoke
8.Stray Dog
9.Teenage Nocturne
10.Waiting On A Friend
11.Revival Days
12.The Right Move
(Bonus track for Japanese version)

In Their Finest Hour
The best album was released after they split up.
Included 2 unpublished songs in other albums and it's valuable.
Other songs are remastered to digital.
And there is a message from Niclas in Japanese version.

(P)1992-1998 Sonet Grammofon AB
(C)1998 Sonet Grammofon AB

Message from Niclas
(In Japanese version CD)
1.In The Dust
3.Bossanova Swap Meet
4.Too Late To Exit
5.Suburbun Wing
7.Teenage Divina
8.So In Need Of A Change
9.Stuck On A Worn Out Rhyme
10.Stone Me Into The Groove
11. Like A John Needs A Yoko
12. Stray Dog
13. Waiting On A Friend
14. Dead End Row Playmates(demo)
15. Envy Moon(demo)
16. Looking For Tomorrow

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