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-- ATOMIC SWING 1st Japan Tour --

In March 1994, it was just 1 year from debut in Sweden for ATOMIC SWING. During the 1 year, they already played 130 gigs over Scandinavia, got prize and worn out in the rapid life of rock star. In Japan, it was hard to get their information from Sweden cause it was before Swedish pop boom. We got just the 1st album "A Car Crash In The Blue"(released in December 1993) and a Japanese magazine "rockin' on". But it was enough to buy the Japan tour ticket. We just wanted to make sure that how they were with our own eyes and ears... Everyone went to the tour with such mind.

They played 13 songs; 9 from 1st album, 2 new songs("Stuck On A Worn Out Rhyme" and "Soul Free"), 2 cover songs (The Doors"Moonlight Drive", Stones"Citadel"). The gig was about an hour but it wrapped up all audience to queer atmosphere and entrapped us a sensation we never felt...I can't express it by word!! They had something differ from British and American band like we used to listen. It was 'Groove' exactly. The Groove of their music was more painful and stronger than the album. It attracted and drove crowded audience mad. Remained an absent minded sensation like made been drink mix juice with an aphrodisiac, which nobody knows the materials and being addicted to it despite bad taste...

After the tour, all Japanese press wrote "Too much talk and old make up, hooray boor!" like this but it was harmless. Because ATOMIC SWING had something impossible to explain illogically. But just an album and a tour was not enough to analyze it. We automatically paid attention to the 2nd album which would have released in Autumn.

Incidentally, Henrik became very popular among Japanese girls during this tour. Because Niclas was differ from the album pics as we expected!!iAfter that Niclas told in an interview 'I put on weight by alcohol for getting over the pressure, I don't want to see my pics when I went to Japan anymore!!!j......

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