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-- ATOMIC SWING Last Tour --

The missing appeared at last! We had just been glad to know their activity after waiting long time and looked forward to Japan tour but...... Nobody knew the fact but it was their last tour..... ATOMIC SWING was playing as ever and there was no announcement from the stage especially. On the second day of the tour, there was just one notice written by marker at the exit of venue in Tokyo. Many fans were made to know the fact by the paper after the gig. Anyway "Sendai Macana" became their final stage. It was the first time they played in Sendai and it would have been the last.

Scandinavian tour, which should have taken before coming to Japan, was cancelled. Thinking back now, I can say I was really blessed cause they carried out Japan tour and I was able to see their final with my own eyes. However I couldn't believe the fact in those days cause it was too sudden to understand, too shocking for me. It took long time until adjusted my mind. Contrary to our mind, their gigs was great everyday. I think it's sarcastic, only their music made me feel fine.

They played 9 songs from 1st album as ever and 3 songs from 2nd, 5 songs("Gone In The Smoke","My Last Humiliation","Bought And Sold","Waiting On A Friend","Walking My Devil") from "fluff". New bass player, Anders played ragged bass. His performance and atmosphere was quite cool, he didn't make us feel any incongruity. "The Cobras" wasn't together by this time so the sounds was simple and tight. It made their splendidly melodies clear much more.

At the every gig's opening, one of staff appeared on the stage and said "Just one thing to say, ATOMIC SWING!!!", then member appeared. It was some direction but quite laughable. And there was one more laughable situation at Osaka gig, Niclas said "Ookini, Osaka!!('Ookini' means thank you in Osaka dialect language)" repeatedlyiNiclas was so high at Osaka gigj. All over the tour, the audience was not so many but seemed like everyone loves them at heart so the gigs were excited so much. I was feeling I didn't want to believe the fact, dissolution of an excellent band......

Well, I think I have to write about the final gig at Sendai Macana for people couldn't go there. The venue was small like amateur use(it's rare that foreign artist plays in Sendai). No space between the stage and audience, it was very crowded of course. It's needless to say, it brought synergy as the final space.

Whenever coming to the end of a song, the end of ATOMIC SWING was getting near. My heart was almost bursted but I calmed and told to myself to watch the last gig. But...I couldn't be calm at the last before encore, Niclas screamed "Are you ready for 'Stone Me Into The Groove'!!!" and began to play that intro in a moment! Exploded all together!! "When you blow up if you don't it now? It's the last!!!" Everyone was feeling so. We sang with tragic shout and love for their music. The encore was "Carnival Stall" and "Panicburgh City(of course blew up again)" as ever...plus "Revival Days" only the last gig!! We were full of indescribable emotion, it was too suitable for the last song.

ATOMIC SWING put a period to their history like this. The remains was a sensation as the same as after 1st tour, mix juice addiction. The new history has been already begun. How would it taste? Would they make addict again...?

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